Collaboration with Josie Lane

Digital and darkroom double exposure

1 year ago on May 07, 2013 at 04:06pm

Sculpture - figurative plaster cast 

behind the scene’s photos for cinematic space


Sculpture Relief Box

My first idea came from a picture of a diamond ring ad. I got a lot of inspiration of edges and shapes that the diamond created and made a form from so I decided to go off of that

This is my piece above Rosemary’s response to my relief box. She decided to use the same elements of silver and metal so it continued with that very chrome and metallic feel. She responded in the same way compositionally like mine having objects surround a giant orb in the middle. 

it’s hard to see Nathan’s full piece when you look at it this way, but he has pillars that are short around and then in the middle there’s a longer pillar. The pillars are red and the surface is a forest green. I automatically saw those pillars as trees and the way they were so square reminded me of Super Mario Bros and playing it when I was a kid. In the game, there are polkadotted trees/mushrooms that Mario jumps on. I decided to do my piece around a Mario scene from the game.

Thursday Night: First Thursday galleries

I really enjoy going to these galleries on Pioneer square. I like them because they have such a different variety of artists with different mediums and styles of doing art. I think I like going there better than watching lectures because with all the lectures we’ve had I haven’t really been attached to and I honestly don’t relate with any of the art that has been showed to me. With the galleries we are exposed to many different artists with a range of aesthetics so I was able to find actually find artists that I liked.  I was really fascinated by a few artists I saw including Scott Mayberry and Jody Joldersma. Both Jody and Scott had a very unsettling aesthetic to their art which is something that I’m really fond of when it comes to art. Scott Mayberry had distorted the canvas in a way that it made it seem like something was missing, yet intentionally lost I also really enjoyed this painting. The canvas that this was done on looked like it was burned and it adds an mysterious and aged feel to it. Also the way he uses color is really captivating.

Jody Joldersma has art that deals with animal figures yet the animals are very surreal and eerie. 

I also really enjoyed her sculptural work

Thursday Night: Jonas Wood

Jonas Wood’s art had a very distinct style. Most of his paintings started from a collage and then he worked up from that creating an interesting composition while he painted. His use of collages made normal objects and people appear very abstract. Also, he had a very interesting way of showing space in his paintings. During his lecture I grew really bored and tired of seeing the same thing over again with no progression. I liked a few of his paintings but I didn’t feel a personal connection or fondness to any of his work so I found it difficult to be 100% interested in his work and lecture. I really felt like he was unprepared to show a lecture to students because he didn’t share too much valuable information that a student artist could use for their own practice. Although, what I did get out of his lecture was that he was very persistent and he never stopped what he enjoyed doing with his paintings. I didn’t feel like his skill progressed over time I think he just continued having a lot of the same paintings over and over again. Another thing I really got out of it was the use of collages with paintings. I think it’s a really interesting and helpful way to get inspired for a painting. 

Thursday Night: Robb Rhee & Using different mediums

Robb Rhee had an interesting collection of work. He had used many different mediums and materials to create his work and what I observed was that he liked to try different things and push himself to learn how to use obscure materials in his art. For instance, he used eggplant skins for a lot of his work. I’ve never heard of anything like that but he found a way to make it work for his art. I also really found it interesting when he used pig intestines to create a sculpture of a human body. The fact that anatomy from a pig was made to create a human structure brings a whole new life to the body.
I feel like using different materials and testing different mediums is important when you’re learning how to become an artist. Rob seemed to be genuinely curious by different materials and I feel like his curiosity of it was the drive of his work and he let the materials create the art rather completely himself

Silk Screen prints


Dry point portrait